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Top-formulated product based on a tenside, cleaning and degreasing the hardest forms of dirt. The product is primarily intended for professional use in car washes, and because of its quality formulations v720D is applied in auto services and industry in terms of degreasing of any kind.

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  • a formulation that removes up to 97% of dirt from the vehicle’s body
    removes insect residues, brakes dust from the rim of the car, the remains of tar at the sides of the vehicle

The product contains all the necessary ingredients for washing vehicles, removing insect remains and cleaning rims. Removes dirt on the vehicle paint without using mechanical aids if the vehicle is serviced regularly. Do not treat vehicles with acrylic paints.


For white cars, cars in poor condition and trucks, we put 1.5 liters of active ingredient and 8.5 liters of cold water in a 10 liter plastic sprayer, which means that we produce a 15% solution. Then shake the bowl. We apply the product evenly to the surface and adjust the operating speed depending on the ambient temperature and the condition of the vehicle. At normal ambient temperature (approx. 20)°C) Rinsing takes about 2 minutes. When the ambient temperature is below 5°Rinse the product after approx. 5 minutes. In summer at temperatures over 30°C is rinsed after 30 seconds. We wash the vehicle from the threshold to the roof. The product must not be dried on the vehicle! For a better visual effect when washing dark vehicle paints, we shampoo and rinse the vehicle or simply wipe it with a Kanebo cloth or a microfiber to dry the vehicle. In other regularly maintained vehicles, the concentration of the agent is 0.5 to 1 l per 10 l of water (10 liters of spray) or 5 to 10% solution. The application process is the same.

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v720D – Prewash