TLP CLEANER – Textile, Leather & Plastic Cleaner

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Universally formulated cleaner for all interior surfaces of the vehicle, so you don’t have to replace the agent depending on the type of substrate to be treated. The universal formulation saves you time and money, while the quality product is strong enough for any stain and mild enough for any surface.

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Let’s remove all the objects in the vehicle. We vacuum the interior of the vehicle. Remove pet or human hair from the seat upholstery.
Dilute the product with water in a spray to spray onto the surface.


For surfaces that are cared for regularly and light soiling, add 100 ml of agent and 900 ml of water (10% solution) to the 1 l spray. Let’s spray the agent on the vehicle’s cockpit first. We run a damp kamebo cloth (or artificial deerskin) over the cockpit of the vehicle and all plastic parts. (Plastic sides of the door) Rub the textile part with a soft plastic cap around the neck and around the accelerator and brake pedals and wipe it with microfiber. Spray the solution on the leather seats and wipe them with microfiber.

TEXTILE UPHOLSTERY – dry cleaning:

For more severe surface conditions (dry cleaning) add 300 ml agent and 700 ml water (30% solution) to a 1 l spray.
Spray the product on the surface to be treated. Rub lightly until foam appears and the stain disappears from the surface. After that, use a wet vacuum cleaner (preferably for extraction) to remove the dirt. At the end of the work, wipe the surface with microfiber and let it dry.

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TLP CLEANER – Textile, Leather & Plastic Cleaner