GUMELLO – Tire coating

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This product is an ester, formed by chemical reaction of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glycerin (higher alcohol). It can go on dirty dry tire or clean wet.
Restores original appearance of your tires by neutralizing without greasy appearance.

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  • applied to clean or dirty dry gum
    contains antioxidant (vitamin C)
    long-term protection
    does not attract dust
    gives a high glow that lasts for several days
    GUMELLO is based on an ester derived from glycerin. The well-known and enhanced effects of glycerin make this product far better and safer than those available on the market. You can also see the GUMELL effect on dry, dirty rubber. Just spray it.

A tire shine that not only restores the original freshness of all tires, but also protects them from further drying out.


Spray the product on a damp and clean rubber surface. Apply after a few moments with a brush or sponge to the treated surface. If the product comes to the surface that you are not treating, remove the product with a cotton cloth that does not leave hair.

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GUMELLO – Tire coating