BUG JUICE – Insect remover

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The product is intended exclusively for the safe and efficient removal of insects. The resulting based on v720D. From the practice turned out to be strong enough to lift and brake dust from wheel vehicles! 2in1

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Two in one product. Eliminates all insect residues from vehicle and dirt on vehicle rim, without any traces

The product is used to quickly remove insect remains from vehicles and to clean rims. Quality formulation removes even the heaviest dirt. For all vehicle types. Bug Juice is a safe tool for all surfaces treated at the factory. Surfaces to be treated: anodized aluminum, chrome-plated surfaces, vehicles painted in the factory and vehicles with metallic paint. RECOMMENDATION: Do not treat vehicles where you are not sure whether they meet the previous conditions. CAUTION: Only treat surfaces that feel cold.


Spray the product on the treated surface. Wait about 30 seconds. And rinse with a high pressure machine. If the vehicle is in serious condition and not serviced, we speed up the process with a sponge. Treat only one surface at a time. WARNING: Rinse your hands with clean water after each wash. People with sensitive or damaged skin must follow the dosage instructions carefully and avoid prolonged contact of the hands with the cleaning solution. We recommend the use of protective gloves.

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BUG JUICE – Insect remover