Spick & Span appears as a range of car care products. Interesting is the origin of the name, which translated from English means pure as a teardrop, and that's exactly what you want for your favorite metal pet. All car lovers will recognize Spick & Span as a quality brand that brings to market products that will make your car perfect and keep it that way forever. It's well known what rain, mud and snow can do to a car - your previously shiny new car becomes unattractive and uncomfortable. Spick & Span products for autocoz
The Metica will restore the beauty of your car to attract the attention of every passer-by and make you proud as the owner. The adage “a suit makes a man” can also be applied to cars, they are always judged on their looks first. The car's aesthetics are the first thing the human eye notices, followed by performance. Spick & Span is a hobby car care company. V720d is a car wash designed to remove even the most stubborn stains from the outside of your tin pet. Since the product is intended for professional use, it is most commonly used in gas stations and car washes. Treat your car perfectly with this product!

If you prefer washing your hands, another product from the said line called Auto Blitz is for you. It comes in a convenient 1 liter dose, making it perfect for frequent use and keeping your car looking shiny. This tool is designed to prevent your car from being damaged when you wipe off dirt with a sponge. It features a thick foam that will give your car an unforgettable wash and make you proud while saving time. After washing c
of your car you may want to coat it with a coat of wax. We recommend another product from the Hobby line of Spick & Span products Auto Blitz Wax which is guaranteed to restore your car's salon shine. It is used when washing the car but with the advantage that you don't have to dry the car because this product dries it for you.

The interior of your car is less for passers-by than for you and your comfort. Spick & Span is a TLP cleaner, a product powerful enough to destroy stains on leather, plastic or canvas that make it universal. One product provides the same cleaning quality with less time and money. Summer days bring a handful of insects that spoil the aesthetics of your car. Don't overlook the Spick & Span Bug Juice to get rid of nasty bugs and dust that build up on your license plates. And to give your tires that vintage sedan look, give Gumello a try on a tire coating. Everything you need to keep your car "clean as a teardrop" can be found in the Spick & Span Hobby Line Car Care.