AUTO BLITZ – wax – Handwashing shampoo with wax

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Product is intended for maintained vehicles. Lacquered vehicle must be maintained in order to shampoo with wax achieve the desired effect. The product contains real Carnauba wax and after washing leaves shiny and virtually dry surface vehicles.

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  • a little dosage
    real Karnauba wax
    longer and more stable foam
    leaves the glossy and dry surface of the vehicle
    Vehicle detergent in concentrated form. Enough for more than 30 washes.
  • It gives the paint surface a clear shine and protection. Read the instructions for proper use.


The product is intended for serviced vehicles. The vehicle paint must be in good condition for the product to have the desired effect. Rinse the vehicle well with clean water to remove coarse dirt. If the vehicle is handled professionally, the best result is achieved by using detergent (v720D) and rinsing with a high pressure machine (mini-wash). Pour clean water into a 10 liter plastic container and add 30 ml of detergent (approx. 4 plugs). Mix to make a rich foam. Use a clean sponge to wash off the roof towards the vehicle sleepers. Rinse the shampoo off the vehicle with clean water and dry the vehicle with Kamebo or microfiber. After washing, rinse off the dirt well. RECOMMENDATION: Do not wash the car if the paint does not feel cold. DO NOT wash the vehicle if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

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AUTO BLITZ – wax – Handwashing shampoo with wax