About Us

Spick & Span is part of the KEMOTON GROUP. The Spick & Span product line with its optimal formulation is tailored to all users who are looking for the best products for the maintenance of their vehicle. The team of people who work on the development of the products is part of a community of car enthusiasts. Brand Spick and Span was founded in 2005 with a founder’s desire to offer the highest quality product at an affordable price. By developing a product line, we found an optimal formulation that we have not stopped developing to this day. Every redesigned product in these 13 years of production has been smoothly formulated so that our users always had the highest quality products for their metal pets. Spick and Span is an English phrase for perfectly clean and this is the correct term for your pet’s condition. It’s a spick and span! WHY CHOOSE SPICK & SPAN? Spick & Span products are manufactured according to the needs of the user. Through the long tradition of manufacturing high quality products and constant market research, as well as developing our products with the highest standards in the industry, Spick & Span products are of the highest quality and offer the best for your pet without fear of possible damage to a vehicle’s paintwork .

  • A long tradition of production
  • Quality and price
  • user friendliness
  • Safety of your vehicle
  • constant product development according to the highest standard.